Soun­drop – Onli­ne Music Dis­tri­bu­ti­on Ser­vi­ce

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High volu­me low-cost relea­se cycle

The­re is a gro­wing wave of music makers who do not fit the tra­di­ti­o­nal band/​artist model. They’re not con­cerned with an album cover, a relea­se date, high-con­cept videos, maga­zi­ne reviews, or any of that. They don’t tour, and they don’t give a damn about sales. To them, the game is not so much about craf­ting a sound or pain­sta­kin­gly going over mixes and brid­ges; nope, it’s about relea­sing music as quick­ly and che­aply as pos­si­ble. Pro­du­ce, relea­se, see if it goes viral, repeat. Some are known for relea­sing a sin­gle a day, or more.

inde­pen­dent niche pro­du­cers and labels

The­se musi­cians are often found on You­Tu­be with thou­sands of sub­scri­bers, eager­ly awai­ting the next quirky cover or ori­gi­nal recor­ded on a lap­top cam from their living room. Some are also on plat­forms like Sound­Cloud or Patre­on, pro­du­cing and relea­sing mix­ta­pes, EDM fea­tu­res, rough tracks, and more. The­re are even col­lec­ti­ves and small labels focu­sed on niche music, such as uni­que covers of video game sound­tracks or meditation/​study music.

mecha­ni­cal licen­sing and sim­ple costs

If you’ve relea­sed covers on You­Tu­be, Con­tent ID takes care of all the legal mum­bo jum­bo, but that doesn’t fly on the major strea­mers. For tho­se, you’d bet­ter know mecha­ni­cal licen­sing and what HFA stands for. And if you’re relea­sing hund­reds of songs per year, you can’t pos­si­bly pay per track, and may­be don’t want to get into a year­ly pay­ment just to keep the­se tracks onli­ne.

Enter Soun­drop, a sim­ple digi­tal music dis­tri­bu­ti­on plat­form, gea­red toward tho­se who relea­se tracks dai­ly or wee­kly. tweet

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