KAMEEL – March a Bil­li­ons Worth (Pro­test Song)

Zwartwit fronthoes KAMEEL

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WARNING: This track con­tains at two times some very high pit­ched notes that can cau­se nau­sea, hea­d­a­che, or irrita­ti­on. The­se sounds are deli­be­ra­te­ly used.


Inspi­red by the hila­rious (com­ple­te!) com­pi­la­ti­on of all the times Donald Trump used the word ‘bil­li­ons’ (and that is often!), cre­a­ted by the folks of Vice. The rhythm, tona­li­ty and breaks are all right. Some geni­us musi­cian wor­ked on this pro­ject, no doubt.

Sour­ce: ‘Donald Trump Says Bil­li­ons’, Vice… https://​news​.vice​.com/​s​t​o​r​y​/​d​o​n​a​l​d​-​t​r​u​m​p​-​s​a​y​s​-​b​i​l​l​i​ons

But all jokes on Trump, I think the­re is not much left to laugh the lon­ger Trump runs his Pre­si­d­en­cy. His sty­le of lea­ding is ori­gi­nal, but very toxic and dange­rous in my eyes. Nothing much more then the ‘now’ is all he cares for. No futu­re left for others than his ‘kin’.

With the indi­ge­nous peo­p­le in mind, who whe­re one of the first to suf­fer from the many dama­ging deci­si­ons and orders by Trump, I have bold­ly cho­sen to use an old audio­fi­le, taken from Wiki­pe­dia, of a tra­di­ti­o­nal song from indi­ge­nous North Ame­ri­can decent.

Wiki­pe­dia reads: “a recor­ding from the Libra­ry of Con­gress, col­lec­ted by Ali­ce Cun­ning­ham Flet­cher and Fran­cis La Fle­sche and publis­hed in 1897. The sin­ger is Geor­ge Mil­ler, who was pro­ba­bly born in about 1852. It was descri­bed as: “The true love-song, cal­l­ed by the Oma­ha Bethae waan, an old desig­na­ti­on and not a descrip­ti­ve name, is sung gener­al­ly in the ear­ly mor­ning, when the lover is kee­ping his tryst and wat­ching for the mai­den to emer­ge from the tent and go to the spring. They belong to the secret courts­hip and are some­ti­mes cal­l­ed Me-the-g’thun wa-an – cour­ting songs”

Sour­ce: ‘Indi­ge­nous Music of North Ame­ri­ca’, Wiki­pe­dia… https://​en​.wiki​pe​dia​.org/​w​i​k​i​/​I​n​d​i​g​e​n​o​u​s​_​M​u​s​i​c​_​o​f​_​N​o​r​t​h​_​A​m​e​r​i​c​a​#​S​a​m​p​les


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Soft­be­ard Rex /​KAMEEL

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