Inspi­ring Hero’s: Mark Appel­baum

Some­ti­mes you need ano­ther one to show you your ‘self’ in a clea­rer light than ever befo­re. Which for example hap­pens when some­o­ne is mir­ro­ring cer­tain aspects of you, and makes you sud­den­ly under­stand you are not the only cra­zy one.

It was in this way that I found a gre­at inspi­ra­tor and my new hero in Mark Appel­baum, an ever hard wor­king sen­sing ball of ener­gy, a posi­ti­ve and inspi­ring per­son tou­ching my soul and showing all the things I didn’t knew I knew alrea­dy. But never said oud loud. Things like: the cre­a­ti­ve power of bore­dom, or the soul-lif­ting for­ce of a mild self-moc­kery, and the free­dom you gain when not giving a fuck about con­cepts as ‘music’, ‘pro­fes­si­on’ or ‘work of field’.

Fact: inspi­ra­ti­on, cre­a­ti­vi­ty and art has no boun­da­ries, nor restric­ti­on!

The­re­fo­re we just do it.
Becau­se we can.
And Can becau­se we.

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